Faith & Art

To me faith and art are the same thing but I need to qualify something first; by using the word art what I really mean is creativity. I’m not talking about the buying and selling of work by professional artists and dealers, more about the creative spark inherent in everyone.

God is Creator. To create is to imitate God like a child presenting a simple image to a parent who delights in it. The child sees something wonderful with their eyes, or their imagination, and seeks to capture it. They want to share it with those they love.

Faith and Art operate in the same realm – the imperfect exploration of the unknowable. Skill is useful but can also get in the way. Vulnerability is better. Each lead to, or embody, hope; each involve struggle and failure and disappointment and hurt; each bring joy and fulfilment and a sense of being. They both comment on who we are and highlight varyious parts of our journey – both the darkness and the light.

Faith and Art can be used to control or mock or belittle or they can be used to lift and lighten and affirm – we have the choice – but hopefully they should ease the journey of others and leave the world a better place.

Faith and Art are the same thing -they lead to paths unexplored; to mystery unsolved; to destinations undreamed of.

Published by Steve

Exploring Faith, Creativity and Whimsy

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