I have a fascination with how thing flow. Water, electricity, information, trains, planes and automobiles. I like to imagine all these things weaving around each other but rarely inhabiting the same space. The arteries and veins of the city. One day I’ll create a piece of art on the theme of flow.

I’m also fascinated by the flow of ideas. Where they come from, how we find them, how we grow them. There are lots of books on the subject and I’ve read quite a few of them but it’s still a mystery to me. Some days they fall out of my head and land all over the place, I can’t move for them, I pick one up and then see another shinier one – you know how it goes. Other times they hide in the shadows, glue themselves into the recesses of my mind, and there’s no winkling them out.

My faith is a little bit like that. Sometimes it’s like God is sat next to me, smiling as I draw or write, content to just be. Other times, and I confess most times, God feels more like the butterfly of an idea I can’t quite grasp or the lingering aroma of a delicious meal I just missed. I guess that’s why it’s called faith and not surety.

So creativity, ideas, faith, all rely on patience, humility and honesty as we seek something bigger than ourselves; as we seek to discover the flow.

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Exploring Faith, Creativity and Whimsy

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