So, I finally got into the Barber Shop for a haircut. Naively, I tried on Monday when restrictions were lifted but the queue went right down the street. I still had to wait an hour or so until it was my turn and then sat there as the barber hacked through at least 5 months of growth. I think they had to call in a bulldozer to clean up afterwards.

It felt so good.

I don’t even like going to the barber. I hate people messing with me so it isn’t a relaxing thing for me. Same with massages and manicures, I would pay people not to touch me, but this time I felt as if a weight was lifted off me.

At the beginning of Lockdown it was difficult but it was stimulating – what will I do with this time? what can I learn from this? I finished quiet a few projects I’d been working on for years; I learned how to slow down, and I started to take notice of the world around me again.

But, just like my hair, a heaviness started to grow. Mostly in went unnoticed, the growth was so slow. Until I was weighed down, less creative, unmotivated. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like that.

Hopefully we’ll all be able to cut away the heaviness as we come through this pandemic. Some of us will need more time and care. Some of us will need to be kinder than we were. Some of us will need to carry others for a while. But we’ll eventually walk out into the world and breathe and smile and feel the joy of life once more.

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