Not Really, but…

We celebrate Pentecost this Sunday, the birthday of the Church, the unleashing of the Holy Spirit, the empowering of the Gospel of love. So, I should post something about that. I’m not. Not really. Instead I’m going to share another piece from my Exiles collection which I wrote about the Resurrection. There’s just something about it that connects with Pentecost and I like the way it links the two. We often separate festivals but each is part of the whole so maybe we should do a big mash up occasionally. Happy Eastercost.


The death of everything, the mantle of darkness, the end of God.

And then.

The merest of firefly light, the tiniest ember of hope.


The Son of Big Bang begins in a hole in the ground,

Identity and belonging and purpose and peace and joy and love spiral and tumble outward and onward,

Unstoppable, an apocalyptic wave of the Divine,

It doesn’t disturb even one blade of grass in the garden but it melts hearts and changes souls wherever it can find purchase,

It jumps in front of darkness and evil, like a child playing hide and seek and shrieks with laughter,

And nothing can stop it.

It weaves through lives, it heals, it mends, it soothes,

And nothing can stop it.

It changes time and law and thought,

And nothing can stop it.

It forgives, it renews, it illuminates,

And nothing can stop it.

And nothing can stop it.

And nothing can stop it.

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