Captured Light

I love taking photos but I’m not very good at it. I tend to take a hundred shots and then hope one turns out OK. I have a friend in California who is brilliant at, not only taking photographs, but seeing the image in her mind before reaching for the camera. I guess that’s the essence of being good at photography – to be good at noticing the minutia in the riot of the visual world.

That gift of careful observation shows itself in her artwork and her care for those around her, which is part of why I value her friendship. She can reach into an complex subject or an awkward situation and pluck out the bloom that everyone else has missed. She’s an amazing human being.

That said, I’m afraid it’s my photos your going to see, so …

Published by Steve

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2 thoughts on “Captured Light

  1. There’s nothing wrong with those at all Mr. B. Some bright colours, street scenes, evidence of a liquid lunch and like every other photograph they represent a millisecond in time. You even manged to get a picture of the last horse I backed !! Keep it up. It’s always worthwhile. Oh – and keep sharing them.


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