Jab Jab

So, Karen and I have both received our second doses of Oxford AstraZeneca and, weirdly, we haven’t turned into zombies or started worshipping Bill Gates or grown gills or whatever nonsense the self-serving, exploitative, fear-peddling snake oil salesmen are spouting (No, Mr. Conspiracy Man, I do not want to buy your cocktail of cheap bleach, and goodness knows what else, for £200). And, if the government are now tracking me there’s going to be some poor guy listening to me spout nonsense about art and faith and bacon (ooh, bacon, I must write a post about bacon) and watching the whole of Parks & Recreation for the 5th time (Sorry, Agent Anderson, I know this isn’t what you signed up for).

But back in reality, I want to say a massive, thank you, to those who developed this and the other vaccines in a very short time; to those who have been working ridiculously long hours to administer those vaccines; and to those who have volunteered to organise us, serve us and comfort us. You are all amazing.

And while I’m at it, thank you NHS, for putting up with Boris’s nonsense and getting the job done where his associates couldn’t. Thank you for risking your lives to save us when the government couldn’t provide adequate PPE. Thank you for remaining focussed through the politicking, mixed messages, scheming and cost cutting. And finally, thank you for providing health care for the entire nation, even those of us who couldn’t afford it otherwise. Thank you.

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