Resolution Revolution

Yes, I’m sorry, it’s one of those posts but I’ve had a creative dry spell for five months and I think that’s long enough. So, while I’m making all sorts of unrealistic resolutions for this new year (which I’ll give up by the time you read this), I’m going to get back into all things art & design.

There was a brilliant piece in the Guardian Magazine (issue 14 – 1 January 2022) about self-improvement and how January is probably the worst time to make big changes (or little ones for that matter). It turns out that most of us like to plan the “new me”, which gives us the warm and fuzzies, but few of us follow through with our plans because, well, we don’t want to. And It may be we could be trying to change the wrong things anyway.

A five month dry spell has been torture for me. I think I had built up false expectations of creative success (whatever that means) and forgotten the joy of just making stuff. It’s nice to have an audience who appreciates what you do and to you, the very small audience that enjoys my doodles and ramblings, thank you. However, I think I would make stuff even if no-one saw it, in fact, I probably did before the Internet arrived.

I’ve had to remind myself it’s the joy of following an idea, leaping on it, and dressing it up in fancy dress that brings delight. It’s the accidental splashes of colour; the smudges and the mess, that often leads to something wonderful. It’s the odd combination of words; the mixing of media; the childlike joining of odd things that lead to life-giving moments.

So. Join me in blowing a raspberry at the World and to creating stuff – just because.


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