It happened. Yesterday. The thing I’d been waiting for. After a busy but rewarding day at work, I drove home, tired but content. It wasn’t quite dark and the light lingered a little longer. The traffic was bad but I didn’t mind, I like driving, I like the flow of it, the streams of red & white lights and I was enjoying the music coming from the last in-car CD player I’ll ever own.

Finally, I pulled into the drive, turned off the lights, the engine, the music – reluctantly – and took a breath. To the west the sun was finally surrendering with a watercolour flourish. I got out of the car and stood for a while enjoying the scene and there he was.

Three houses down, singing his heart out, a blackbird. If ever there was a symbol of hope, there he was, perched on a chimney pot, his beautiful song announcing that Spring was not far away.

Every year I wait for him. Every year he fills my heart with joy. Every year I know that Winter is nearly over.

Published by Steve

Exploring Faith, Creativity and Whimsy

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