Bik & Bok

Bik & Bok is the third story in the Tales from a Small Blue Planet saga (it’s not really a saga but doesn’t that make it sound grand?). After this we’re going to take a break for something different but we’ll revisit the denizens of that strangely familiar planet later in the year.

Bik & Bok

On a small moon circling the small blue planet, there lived two creatures. One was Bik and the other Bok. Some people said they were different, but that didn’t even start to explain this strange pair!
They were total opposites, like the chalkiest chalk and the cheesiest cheese. Like the hottest fire and the coldest ice. What one liked the other did not. What one did the other did not.
They both loved meteor storms, huge big rocks falling out of the sky. Well, it takes all sorts! They were both members of the Intergalactic Debris In Our Time Society (IDIOTS to you and me) and each had one hundred books on the subject of meteors.
But apart from this they had nothing in common.

Bik was happy but Bok was not, Bik was bright yellow but Bok was not, Bik liked lime jelly sandwiches but Bok did not, Bike played the trombone but Bok did not.

It so happened that during the month of Do (the other month was Don’t) a huge meteor shower was due to light up the sky of the small moon where they lived. Never before had so many rocks fallen from the sky. This was the big one, the main event, the real deal, the unmissable, unstoppable, greatest of al – it was quite important! Bik and Bok were very excited but, of course, in very different ways.

Bik looked for a good spot but Bok did not, Bik packed himself a nice lunch but Bok did not, Bik wore an “I love meteors” T-shirt but Bok did not, Bik picked a snazzy hat but Bok did not.

And so came the day of the meteor shower. Bik set out with his lunch nice and early and strolled to the place he had chosen on a leisurely walk the day before. He had decided that to get the best view he would climb to the top of a huge, solid rock as old as the moon itself. He climbed steadily and carefully, taking time to work out all his foot and finger holds. At the top he looked at his clockometer and found he had time for a lime jelly sandwich before the show started.

Bik was early for the show but Bok was not, Bik was full of yummy food but Bok was not, Bik was ready and relaxed but Bok was not, Bik was enjoying his morning but Bok was not.

Bok woke up late and fell out of bed in a panic. He ran around in circles for a while until he realised that it was not getting him anywhere and then ran outside. He ran back inside and changed out of his pink pyjamas and into some proper clothes. Then he half ran, half walked, trying to tie his shoelace on the move. Not a good idea unless you like falling down a lot. He completely forgot his hat, his coat and his food.

Bik was playing the trombone but Bok was not, Bik was watching the sky but Bok was not, Bik had lots of time but Bok did not, Bik was ready but Bok was not.

At the last minute Bok arrived at the site. He was tired, hungry and generally discombobulated. He looked up to where Bik was happily waiting; it looked like a good place. It looked solid, reliable and had a great view. He looked down to where he stood. It was muddy and he could not see a lot. But Bok stayed where he was. He couldn’t be bothered to climb the rock – it was too much effort.
“It will be just as good from here,” he said to himself sulkily, but he didn’t really believe it. He knew the rock was the best place to be.
On top of the rock Bik started to count down.
“10, 9, 8…”
In the mud Bok was shrinking. At least, that’s what it felt like. He looked down. He wasn’t shrinking, he was sinking. Right up to his knees.
“7, 6, 5…”
Right up to his waist.
“4, 3, 2…”
Right up to his neck.
Bok sank completely into the sticky mud making a tiny shloop sound as he did.

Bik watched the biggest meteor shower ever but Bok did not, Bik saw the sky turn orange, crimson, and pink but Bok did not, Bik jumped up and down with joy but Bok did not, Bik was as happy as could be but Bok… well, Bok was not.

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