I was doodling in my notebook, a variation on something I’d done before, when I noticed it looked a little like a fingerprint. Doodling is a form of meditation for me, it keeps me busy so that the other side of my brain can get a word in. So, I started thinking about fingerprints and wondering why we have them and why they are unique to us. Which led to creativity being a bit like a fingerprint and how each of us has a unique way of expressing things. All the while making these shapes on the page in black and red.

Some time ago, I was thinking about the Incarnation, the Christian belief that God became a human being, literally “made meat”, and it struck me that Jesus had a unique set of fingerprints – God with fingerprints. We’d been watching a lot of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation at the time and I started to imagine Gil and the team turning up to the crucifixion crime scene. This is what I wrote…

He empties himself,

The limitless, limits himself,

Sheds forever and takes on …

… fingerprints.

God with fingerprints.

If only CSI had been there in their beetle black SUVs shining blue light on wine jars in Cana,

Dusting the faces of the untouchable,

Touched by the one who loved them.

Peering through microscopes at crumbs of bread; analysing fish oil,

Extracting DNA from a flake of skin found in a pool of expensive perfume,

Cordoning off the crime scene with tape,

Taking blood samples, slivers of wood,

Checking iron nails on the spectrometer,

And later looking on in confusion as a living, breathing victim shakes their hand and says that an autopsy is unnecessary.

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