Rest easy, Ma’am

There are days when you know deep in your being, that something has changed; something monumental, something irreversible. Like the coming of Autumn, everything around you speaks of an ending and of a beginning – the chill in the air; the colours of year’s farewell; the growing quietness of nature’s weariness. Mostly, it’s something intangible; something on the edge of the senses; a primaeval instinct. Today, I feel that change.

Yesterday we lost something precious. Not a figurehead or an institution or a symbol, but a fellow adventurer; a precious soul; a faithful servant.

She walked the walk of faith – a life of duty and compassion and wisdom – and in the midst of self-important, uncaring, grabbing world leadership, she was an example of quiet dignity and solid integrity and rare intelligence.

Let’s not deify her. She had only one God. Like those who share her faith, she tried to follow Him to the best of her ability. Her imperfections, like all our imperfections, added to her relatability and made her like us – a flawed but loved human being.

Queen Elizabeth II, was a constant in a chaotic world and a reassuring presence, year after year, and though I’ll miss her, and though she marks the end of an age and none can replace her, I think she’s earned a rest.

Rest easy, Ma’am.

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