I draw. A lot. Mostly cartoons and sci-fi/fantasy nonsense. I hope you like it.

Four Flying Monkeys

If I could have anything in the world it would be four flying monkeys and a blanket. I would sit on the blanket and the flying monkeys would transport me to wherever I wanted to go. On those rare occasions, when absolutely necessary, they would poop on my enemies from a great height.

The Gizmo

I love to fill a page with doodles. I usually have no plan, I just pick a part of the page and start drawing. Sometimes good things happen.


Bodkin are a range of characters that have been through several incarnations (and will go through several more). I wanted to create simple, cute characters that could be used for something – games, comic strips, merchandise – but I could never fit them anywhere. I do like them though and there’s a whole load of the digital versions on this website. Here’s a couple of the early versions.


I’m constantly amazed at what spills onto the paper…

Continuous Picture

I set a challenge for myself to create a continuous picture using a Moleskine Japanese Album. The finished piece was 3.25 metres wide. Here are a couple of my favourite bits.


This simple texture is a repeating theme for me. I’m fascinated by the process, the repetitiveness, and the end result.

One for All

This one is about my faith. My beliefs are central to who I am, maybe actually who I am, so it’s impossible not to express them.


I love cartoons. There’s a huge freedom in being able to create the weird and the wonderful, to watch as whole worlds jump from mind to paper.

Space Invaders

I was there at the birth of Space Invaders, the state of the art video game that was the gateway to a hundred other games for me, but you never forget that first thrill of something completely different. Nowadays I like to play around with what a space invader actually is.

Stephen Hawking

I don’t usually draw realistic things, I haven’t got those skills, but I really like the way this turned out. It’s good to stretch yourself sometimes and draw stuff you aren’t confident with.

Art Journals

Like a lot of creative people I have more ideas than time to create them. This is where the journals and sketchbooks and notepads come in. I doodle and noodle and scribble every day just get them out of my head and to stop me drawing on the walls.

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